new solo recording

Release date - July 17, 2012

Drum Music- Music of Paul Motian

Russ Lossing-solo piano


Sunnyside Records NYC

Russ Lossing

Jazz Pianist - Composer - Improviser


Live in New York

March 2014


Three Part Invention

Lossing, Helias, Alessi

Sectrum, NYC  9pm

7:30 pm - Nicolas Letman Trio w/Lossing & Billy Mintz


John O'Gallagher Webern Project

Matt Moran, Pete McCann, Johannes Weidenmuller,Tyshawn Sorey, Lossing,

Poisson Rouge, Bleeker St, NYC  5pm - 1 set


Russ Lossing Quatro

Lossing, pn, compositions

Adam Kolker, tenor, bass clarinet

Matt Pavolka, bass

Dayeon Seok, drums

Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30-10pm

168 7th St, Brooklyn, New York


Daniel Levin Group

Daniel Levin, cello

Mat Maneri, viola

Russ Lossing, pn, wurli

Gerald Cleaver, drums

Roulette, Brooklyn, 8pm

April 2014


Lean Bloch at Seeds Brooklyn

w/Lossing,  Billy Mintz ,Dave Miller

Seeds, 8:30pm - 1 set


Brooklyn Ballet

Russ Lossing - piano, composition

"Quilt/One Night Stand" danced by ensemble.

24 - Russ Lossing

  Ibeam Brooklyn

168 7th St, Brooklyn, New York

New York based jazz pianist, composer and recording artist Russ Lossing is known worldwide for his highly personal and unique improvising voice. Lossing has composed over 400 works and has an international reputation as a world class improviser.  Lossing has 11 releases as leader on Hat Hut, Sunnyside, Clean Feed, Fresh Sound, Double Time and OmniTone record labels. His critically acclaimed new solo piano release "Drum Music", is a ..."heartfelt and moving remarkable solo-piano tribute to the late, great Paul Motian.(that) all vibrate with a new spirit of exploration. Just as Paul would’ve wanted it."-jazz times. Lossing’s Fresh Sound release,’Phrase 6’ has quickly become a cult classic among musicians and his new cd ‘Line Up’, a duo with bassist John Hébert, has been hailed a ‘tour de force’.

"Pianist Russ Lossing's trio evokes a        dreamlike state on Oracle, by      communicating an atmosphere of          unearthly elegance through                      trance-inducing energy. The music is beautifully open, applying time at an    unhurried pace that favors accent over cacophony."

  1. -All About Jazz

“…The pianist illuminates the silence, suspends the time, and intensifies the collective flux. The wealth of his harmonic knowledge, the fluidity of his phrasing and his attention to the weight of every single note creates a sound palette for endless pleasures.”


“strikingly lyrical”

- jazztimes

“ intrepid searcher with an end point in mind.”

-  New York Times

“For an agent provocateur, pianist Russ Lossing has never hidden his interest in the pretty side of a tune.

  - Downbeat Magazine

“Lossing has it all.”

  - All About Jazz

“Pianist Lossing is a joy. Exploration of the themes is what the listener feels, emotionally and intellectually,” 

- Cadence Magazine

“Lossing is a thinking man’s pianist. He intelligently creates and refashions themes within a variety of frameworks.  He’s a multifaceted artisan.” 

- jazz

“Russ Lossing is a pianist of extreme depth and intensity.” - AAJ

“Open spaces often insinuate themselves in the music of the pianist Russ Lossing.”

- NY Times

“ a gripping improviser, pulling ideas out of the air and nudging them into the action at hand as if they always belonged there”                                                                                                                                                                               - Village Voice

Bold yet sensitive...

- Time Out New York

“Add Russ Lossing to the current list of jazz piano luminaries”

- All About Jazz, NY

“ Lossing’s  musicianship at the keyboard is masterly”                                                                         - Cork Examiner

A masterful utilizer of musical space...

- Hot House

“  Lossing knows the value of sound. A cagey improviser, he has a way of sounding animated while maintaining an almost noble poise”                                                                                       - Jazziz Magazine

“Lossing packs his playing with suspense”                                                                                                                                   - Len Wallis Audio 

Video Footage




Sunnyside Records 1319

"Drum Music" should be listened to at night, in a dimly lit room, with no distractions.  There is beauty in the softer passages, power in the more intense moments and heightened sense of creativity at all times.  - CultureCreature

"Drum Music requires close attention. There is no flag waving or gratuitous display of any sort. Russ Lossing is a serious musician interpreting the work of another serious musician. He brings it the gravitas it deserves. It’s the art of a genuinely great pianist. Lossing hasn’t merely captured the letter of Motian’s compositions, he’s captured their spirit." - emusic

"Lossing is the expert like no one else to explore in depth the unconventional and inspiring genius of Motian the composer. "Drum Music" is a stunning improvisational solo recital, a convincing plunge into 10 Motian compositions. This is music in between contemporary jazz and up to date tonal concert music."

-(JS)Der Sonntag

Stylistically, Lossing is,
simply, a “space man”—like
Thelonious Monk and Paul
Bley, letting the spaces be-
tween notes do the talking.

-ICON Magazine

Since the passing of Paul Motian, several tributes have been released that reexamine the iconic drummer’s contributions as a composer. None are more heartfelt and moving than Russ Lossing’s remarkable solo-piano tribute to the late, great Motian. A frequent collaborator over the past 12 years, Lossing understands Motian’s music from the inside out. His renditions of “Conception Vessel” and “Olivia’s Dream” are breathtaking in their clarity and beauty, and his two-fisted takes on “Fiasco,” “Dance” and “Drum Music” capture the great drummer’s unpredictable and audacious rhythmic pulse. Lossing’s stark re-imaginings of such exquisite Motian staples as “Mumbo Jumbo,” “Last Call,” “In Remembrance of Things Past” and the melancholy “It Should’ve Happened a Long Time Ago” all vibrate with a new spirit of exploration. Just as Paul would’ve wanted it.

Bill Milkowski- jazz times